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How Do I Choose a Good Math Tutor?

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The struggle with mathematics can be very real for most school students. So, if you find your child lagging behind in math in spite of earning good grades in other subjects, remember this isn’t an exception.

Maths tuition can come in handy when you are faced with such a predicament. These tutoring services offer the additional help and guidance that your child needs to understand and solve complex mathematical problems.

According to research by MIT, tutoring programs can have the greatest impact on students’ ability to learn. Now the choice is whether to opt for offline or online tutoring. Online tutoring has grown into a preferred option for most families, particularly after the pandemic revealed the convenience and benefits of this mode of learning.

Given that most students today are very comfortable handling high-end tech devices, they can leverage the latest technologies to improve their math skills. Math Quotient in Dubai is one such leading online tutoring service that caters to students of all classes. So, whether you have a seven-year-old or seventeen-year-old at home battling math woes, you can get a tutor.

8 Qualities to Look for When You Search for a Good Math Tutor for Your Child:


Finding an online math tutor isn’t too hard these days. In Dubai as well, you will find many online tutoring services that can guide your child in different subjects, even mathematics. Now, your job is to find the right tutor for your child, and for that, you need to know which qualities to look for.

  1. Offers an enriching learning environment: It’s important to find a tutor for math that can provide your kid with a satisfying and comfortable learning experience. Students need to be able to have a clear line of communication with their teachers. Online learning sessions are beneficial because they facilitate such interactions. Look for online tutoring services that are available 24×7; they are far more approachable and in a position to provide a more customized learning experience.
  2. Ability to use the latest mathematical tools and technologies: Since today’s students are well-versed with new-age devices and can adapt to new technologies quickly, it’s essential to find maths tuition online that can use these technologies to their advantage. An online tutor like IITian Mr. Himanshu Jain uses innovative methods for problem-solving and imparts these skills to his students. He can make every lesson interactive and dynamic so that his students feel the urge to learn new things and don’t feel intimidated even if they take time to grasp new concepts.
  3. Ability to offer a unique learning approach: An online tutor should strive to break down complex math concepts for his students. For this, he may need to take the help of animations, diagrams, and drawings. These tools can make learning both fun and rewarding for the tutor and the student.
  4. Has a flexible approach: One of the main reasons to choose an online math tutor is because he can offer your child a flexible curriculum. So, when screening candidates, make sure the tutor you choose is flexible and ready to experiment with new teaching approaches. In-person tutoring is more structured and much likes classroom teaching. But, online tutoring is less formal and therefore, more appealing to students who may be struggling in class. The maths tutor you choose must encourage your child to ask questions and speak openly about his worries and doubts. He should not feel hurried or scared to ask for clarification.
  5. Enjoys great communication skills: The biggest concern for parents with children struggling in mathematics is that their child cannot open up to their tutor and the tutor, on his part, doesn’t bother to know what’s troubling his student. This lack of communication can be very harmful to a child’s progress. It’s important to choose a tutor like IITian Mr. Himanshu Jain in Dubai who is communicative, willing to listen, and patient with his students. Not only should he talk to and listen to students during class, but should be in touch with them over emails, phone calls, or messages if required.
  6. Has a lot of patience: It’s crucial that the math tutor you get for your child is patient and willing to wait for his students to catch up. Not every child has the same power to grasp new topics and mathematics concepts can be even harder to grasp. So, look for a teacher who won’t get upset when your child takes a while to learn new things. He should be encouraging and positive in his interactions with his students, and must not let their failures discourage or frustrate him. When a tutor is frustrated, the student is bound to feel the frustration too, and, instead of working hard to overcome it, he will feel more helpless and lost. You need someone who is not easily deterred, has a positive mindset and is capable of explaining things in different ways when traditional teaching approaches don’t yield the expected results.
  7. Has a lot of passion: A good teacher is always passionate and driven; he will not hesitate to explain the same things over and over again to his students. He focuses on making them feel passionate about the subject too. It’s only when your child enjoys the process of learning that he starts showing improvement.
  8. Must be curious to learn about your child: You need a teacher who is interested in knowing about your child to find out the best possible way to help him. He must ask the right questions so that he knows where your child’s weaknesses are. Once he knows the student’s shortcomings, he can make an appropriate study plan for your child. He must be inquisitive about his students if he has to extract the best from them.

Not all online teachers will be the right fit for your child. The good thing is that there are tutoring services like Math Quotient that allow you to opt for free trial classes. These give you the chance to see whether the tutor who is assigned to you has the qualities you are looking for. The trick is to find online tuition that provides holistic training to your kid, and that strongly believes that good teaching practices are enough to bring about results.

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  1. After reading this article, I feel confident in my ability to choose a math tutor that is tailored to my needs. The tips provided, such as assessing the tutor’s experience and style, will undoubtedly help me find the perfect fit. Thank you for breaking down the process in a clear and concise manner!

  2. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

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