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Bureau of Math Investigation

Key Problem of a Student

12 years of experience in education industry has enabled us to identify the problems faced by the students.

Conducted detailed analysis using our strong database to identify the core problems and their possible causes.

BMI Idea in a Snapshot



Includes all the topics that are covered from Grade 2 – Grade 12 in Mathematics across all curriculum.


To simplify and systematically organize all the topics we have detailed out the concepts covered across all topics.


All concepts are then categorized in level which will assist in identifying the current level of student in Math as a subject.

Solution - BMI

BMI approaches the problem in similar manner as doctor approaches and resolves Patient’s illness


BMI Covers
Each level covers 10 concepts
BMI testing starts with Level-1


General Mistakes
Finds the exact reason

BMI Remedies

Mistake's Remedies
Finds the exact remedy

BMI Testing starts from Level-1

BMI Journey

BMI Trial Phase
Jun 2018
Sep 2018
Sep 2019
Sep 2020
Conducted tests & analysis of 1000 students at school in Ajman, UAE
Conducted BMI Test at Amity University Dubai, UAE
Set up KHDA approved Math Training Institute “Math Quotient”
Set up Pvt ltd company in India to support MQ

Ongoing Journey

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Our BMI testing report

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