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Best Online Studies in Dubai for Maths

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With the pandemic showing us the advantages and convenience of online learning, there’s no reason not to continue to reap these benefits. As a parent of a child struggling to grasp mathematics concepts, looking for online maths tutoring services can be a good decision.

If you can find a good maths tutor in Dubai, you can be confident of your child’s progress. You can stay updated with his lessons and track his performances. Online tuitions are preferable because they allow your child to learn at his own pace without feeling rushed and intimidated by teachers or peers. 

How to Find the Best Online Maths Tutoring Services in Dubai for Your Child:


Now, the question is, how can you be sure you find the right math tutor online? With online tutoring services booming in countries, it’s important to spend some time researching these before you choose one for your kid. 

Just like in-person tutoring where you must consider factors like the tutor’s qualifications, fees, teaching methods, and ratings, you need to look at multiple factors when hiring an online math tutor in Dubai. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Know your objectives: The first step to choosing the right online math tutor Dubai services is to identify what your goals are. Once you know these, you can decide on the kind of tutoring that can help you achieve these objectives. This analysis is necessary to explain to your tutor where your child’s weaknesses are and find out whether he can help him overcome these.
  • Check tutor expertise: When choosing a maths tutor in Dubai you must consider his expertise in the area. For instance, if you have a kid in middle school, it’s advisable to select a tutor having expertise and experience in tutoring students of that level, instead of reaching out to a high school tutor. Online tutoring services like Math Quotient can provide you with experienced online tutors at every level, whether you need help for your fifth-grader or high-schooler.
  • Consider the tutor’s approach: It’s important to find a tutoring service that focuses on finding out the root cause of your problems, which is usually the reason behind errors. Instead of passing them off as “silly mistakes” they should work on identifying the problem areas so that they can come up with the right solutions. 
  • Ability to understand the pain points: It’s imperative that the tutor you choose is patient and ready to give time to assess your child’s mathematical skills first. Without this initial involvement, he cannot create a custom plan to help him improve his skills. He should be able to explain to you why your child has been struggling with the subject and provide you with insights into his problem areas. This assessment is essential because it saves you time and money; once you know there’s a plan in place, you can be relaxed knowing he is in good hands.
  • Personalized treatment: One of the main reasons to opt for online maths tutoring services is to get one-on-one coaching for your child at a time that is convenient for him. He can study in the comforts of his own room without feeling shaky or anxious. He can ask questions freely that he may have been hesitant to ask in class. The online tutor takes time to understand his problems, makes personalized worksheets for him, and helps him with exam preparations. This customized treatment isn’t practical during school hours or even in group tuitions after school.
  • Passion for mathematics: When choosing a mathematics tutor in Dubai, you need to consider not only his credentials but also whether he is passionate about his job. Not every tutor is passionate about his subject, but someone who is will always make it a point to stay updated with the latest advancements and technologies related to that subject. He will also be willing to work long hours with your child in case he finds that he is a slow learner. He won’t be easily deterred or demoralized by failures and setbacks, and make sure your child learns to cope with these too. Math Quotient is one such tutoring service in the UAE that has passionate teachers willing to go the extra mile for your kid.
  • Flexibility: A good online math tutor is someone who knows how to use different methods to help his students. This helps your child break down a complex mathematics problem into smaller, easy-to-solve parts using a variety of problem-solving techniques. Your child starts to get an idea of how best to use different methods and math tools to arrive at solutions. In the process, he acquires a new-found confidence in tackling complicated problems.
  • Professionalism: While there are many online tutoring services out there, not everyone is reliable. Their official website may be impressive, highlighting their accomplishments in great detail, but you may find that the tutors are not qualified enough or even punctual when it comes to taking the classes. Your child needs a proper study plan with time schedules that must be met in order for him to show improvement. Only professional tutors will ensure that the study schedules are maintained properly and assessments are done regularly. They will show complete transparency in their work so that you know exactly how far your child has improved.
  • Reputation: Before you enroll your child into any online maths tutoring services, it makes sense to check the reputation of the service. For this, you can read client testimonials and feedback on the official website and on third-party sites. Browse through their Instagram or Facebook pages to get an idea of how they work, what their programs are, and how successful their students have been. It may be a good idea to get first-hand information and feedback from people who may have used these services in the past.
  • Trial session: Since it’s hard to trust any tutoring service from the word go, it’s probably better to look for one that offers free trial sessions. This will help you understand whether it can be a good fit for your child. Visit www.mathquotient.org to know more about how to book free diagnostic sessions online.

These are some easy, tried-and-tested ways to find the best online math tutoring services for your child. Mathematics isn’t easy for most kids and it’s a good idea to reach out for help when you have a service like Math Quotient to guide you.

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